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Remote Extension Execution

One of the coolest features of Extension is the ability to execute remote extensions. By running a valid GitHub URL as the command argument, Extension downloads and execute the extension files against the target browser, as if you would using any local extension.

This is useful during prototype steps where you want to create something based on a working extension sample, such as Chrome Samples or MDN samples.

Remote dev command

The dev command runs the extension in development mode with support for reloading upon file changes. By passing a valid GitHub URL (as long as there is a valid manifest file), Extension will download the files to your current directory and run your extension against the current browser.

In the example below, we are using the remote Chrome Sample page_redder from Google Chrome Extension Samples.

Remote start command

The start command runs the extension in production mode without support for reloading upon file changes. This is how your extension will look like for users, the equivalent of running a browser against the build of your extension. Aside from the reloading capability, runs the same way as the dev command does.

In the example below, see page_redder from Google Chrome Extension Samples running via start. The key difference between dev and start is the mode development and production respectively.

Remote build command

Builds your extension with production defaults. The build command does not run any browser, but uses it to validate files.

In the example below, using the same page_redder sample from Chrome.

Next Steps

  • Learn how to use different browsers as a target for your extension in Browser Runners.
  • Learn how to polyfill your extension so it runs across all major browsers in Browser API Support.

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