🧩 Extension

The Manifest File

To allow developers to use the latest language features without worrying about browser or environment constraints, Extension relies on Babel to transpile cutting-edge JavaScript and TypeScript code, ensuring broad compatibility and enabling developers.

Manifest Capabilities

One of the major challenges of developing an extension from scratch (and main motivation to start this project) is the lack of full manifest features support provided by the many frameworks/boilerplates/templates currently available.

With that in mind, Extension is designed to ensure that most of manifest.json features are covered for the various extension fields available. See Manifest Capabilities.

Manifest Compatibility

The manifest.json file is the only required file in an extension. While very similar between browsers and versions, different versions and different browser vendors can have slightly different requirements between them. See Manifest Compatibility to learn more.

Next Steps

🧩 Extension • create cross-browser extensions with no build configuration.