🧩 Extension


npx extension create <extension-name|extension-path> [options]

Responsible for creating new extensions, the create command also accepts a --template flag where you can set one of the custom templates available (see Templates).

npx extension create my-extension --template=react

Users can also opt for a different directory to install their extensions. Defaults to process.cwd().

npx extension create patb/to/my-extension --template=react

Arguments And Flags

Flag Argument What it does Defaults to
[path or name] The extension path or name If a path is defined, loads the local extension. If a name is provided, loads the extension in the current working directory. process.cwd()
-t, --template Name of the template used to bootstrap your extension Bootstrap your extension using a template new

🧩 Extension • create cross-browser extensions with no build configuration.