🧩 Extension


npx extension dev [extension-path | extension-url] [options]

Responsible for running your extension in production mode. Gets the extension and bundles in a new browser instance. Browser extension files are watched and live-reloaded as they change.

If a URL is provided, Extension will download and run the extension in the current working directory and follow the same tasks any other local extension would. This feature only works for GitHub repositories currently.

The target browser determines which browser they want to run their extension. Setting it to "all" will open all available browsers at once. If the user doesn't have the target browser installed, `Extension will throw a compiler error.

Users can also opt for a different port to run their extensions.

Default Browser Ports

Browser Default Port
Google Chrome :8000
Microsoft Edge :8001

Arguments And Flags

Flag Argument What it does Defaults to
[path or url] The extension path or the remote extension URL If a path is defined, loads the local extension. If a URL is provided, pulls the extension from remote source and loads it as a local extension process.cwd()
-p, --port The port used to serve watched files Changes the port for the "dev" script See above
-b, --browser The browser that will run the extension Changes the browser (chrome, edge, all) "chrome"

🧩 Extension • create cross-browser extensions with no build configuration.